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Like my shirt? It says millionaire in the making because I am and you are too!  

I got this T-shirt when I joined Internet Profit Accelerator, and every day, this journey has helped me learn and grow not only as an affiliate marketer but as a person.

Today, I wanted to talk about Email marketing.

Email’s are powerful tool for affiliate marketers because of its ability to establish direct and personalized communication channels with potential customers. 

By building a strong email list, crafting captivating subject lines, and delivering valuable content, you can unlock the potential of email marketing to boost engagement, amplify conversions, and ultimately drive substantial revenue.

With email marketing, practice makes perfect…

Something we have all heard before, and it’s true the time you put in is usually reflected in the output. The more you do it, the better you become.


I am still a work in progress…As we all are, it’s a journey, and we only get better with time!


And it is not set it and forget it. You have to look at the data.

How many people opened it? Unsubscribed?  Which emails get opened more?  This is where you get to learn from your “beta” and get better. 


There are so many AI tools available to help write better subject lines and get you unstuck from a creative funk.

And don’t forget consistency is key… Your audience needs to hear from you on a regular basis. As you keep providing value, you are building a relationship and strengthening the know, like, and trust.  


I was listening to an amazing video in the Internet Profits Accelerator learning dashboard and want to share what I learned with you…

Step 1 To Getting Your Emails Opened – Craft a subject line that demands attention!

With the right subject line, you’ll have your readers hooked from the start.


Many advertisers have studied human psychology because there are known factors that drive a person to react. Incorporating these into your email subject lines is a powerful tool and increases the chances of your emails being read. 

The goal is to pique curiosity, play on emotions like fear, or create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) while emphasizing value and personalization. 


By combining these tactics, you can craft highly effective subject lines that are more likely to catch your avatar’s attention. 


Another great recommendation I received was to sign up for a bunch of competitor’s emails.

There are a lot of successful people out there. Learn from them. Remember my blog post about leveraging? You can apply that here.

Go through the subject lines of these emails and observe what stands out to you -is it the use of emojis, brackets, numbers, capitalization, or length?

The Real Secret Is Consistently Providing value and solutions to their pain points and solving their struggles. 


If you are always offering value and solutions and building relationships, your subscribers will get excited to open your emails. 


To do this, you will need to truly understand the needs and wants of your customers. 


Take the time to research and understand your target audience, their pain points, and their goals. Leverage AI for this. There are a ton of tools out there to create the perfect avatar and define your target market. 


I just finished The 5-Day Facebook Ads Accelerator Bootcamp with Depesh Mandalia. He created this fabulous tool. Here is a short video showing how easy it is to create your custom avatar using AI. 

When you truly know your audience, you will have no problem creating relevant and helpful offers that your subscribers will appreciate and turn leads into customers and turn customers into repeat customers. 


Another tip I got is that when creating an automated email sequence, try to make at least the first 5 emails value emails. Don’t make any offers, just let your audience know that you understand them, and with each email, you solve a pain point.

When the big offer comes later, they will be more willing to jump on board because they have received so much value from you already, and the know, like, and trust has been established. 

Tips I Want to Share with You to Help You Format the Body of Your Emails:


The email body generally consists of your message, what you are saying, and what you want the reader to do, aka the call to action.

The body of text should not contain any images or buttons, as this can cause your email to go straight to the spam folder. (I made this mistake early on; thankfully, Glen at Internet Profit Accelerator let me know about this rookie mistake.) 


The text should be broken up into easy-to-digest bite-size pieces so it is visually pleasing to the eye. 

Have you ever come across a large block of text that makes your brain hurt and causes you to click away due to information overload?  Don’t do this to your readers. 


AVOID these large blocks of text, and instead use short, snappy sentences, as these will work better and increase the odds of your emails actually getting read. 

Use bold, underlining, and colors to highlight words or phrases that you want to draw the reader’s eye to. 


You can also use emojis 😊 to break up text or increase the aesthetics of your emails. 


The call to action 📣 should be early on in the first few sentences and then again later at the end, often in a P.S.


People are busy, and oftentimes, they won’t read an email in its entirety. 


We have gotten used to scrolling and skimming, so having a call to action at the beginning and end helps to ensure it is not overlocked.
Lastly, Be Authentically You!  

There is a lot of power in being real and sharing your true story. 


If you can get the reader to feel that anger, empathy, compassion, sadness, or joy, that is how you get them hooked and want to continue opening your emails. 


Emotional transference can lead to massive results. If you are crying or laughing when writing the emails, that is a good sign. 

Utilize different types of emails – Mix it Up!

Have you heard of “Soap Opera Emails?” I originally heard this while watching a training from Russell Brunson. He even has templates ready to go in ClickFunnels.


This email technique can be incredibly powerful, especially when introducing yourself and your story. 


Similar to a riveting soap opera or telenovela, these emails weave a compelling tale that stirs up emotions and leaves you on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating what happens next.

When utilizing these emails, always end with a cliffhanger. This can be placed in a P.S. at the end of the email.

For example, Look out for my email tomorrow, where I will share how I went from 20.00 to 1.5 million in just 90 days!


Another common email type is the short and punchy email. 


These are frequently used for broadcast purposes when there is a new update or announcement to share, but they can be used for a variety of other purposes.


They are not meant to be elaborate or contain lengthy content but rather serve as a brief conversation starter. 


For instance, if you have just released a new book, course, or webinar, you may send out a short, punchy email to inform your email list. 


This email may simply state: “FYI: My latest release is coming soon! Sign up now.” 


It is essential to vary the types of emails you send and to understand the appropriate timing for using each type. This will come with practice. Subscribe to my email list and check out my work in progress. You can join by clicking here and downloading your free copy of Making Money Online  Avoiding the Pitfalls. 

Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to start honing your skills by practicing. 

Building killer creative takes time and effort, so make sure to give yourself plenty of opportunities to improve – practice makes perfect.


Although it can be tempting to outsource this aspect, I highly recommend learning it yourself to truly make it your own. Leveraging is great but no one is going to put as much love and your falvor on it as you, and authenticity is important! 


Remember to share, follow me on Facebook, and leave a comment below to let us know how your journey to killer creative is going. And please subscribe to my emails to see my journey and progression. 


To our success,

Alison Blaire 




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